Intellectual Property

If you are like most businesses, some of your most valuable assets are in your intellectual property. At Formeller & Formeller LLP, we believe that protecting your intellectual property is critical to your business mission. Our firm can assist you with protecting the following:


You have worked hard to build your business into something reputable and your brand is your business’ identity. It is important to protect that identity. Our firm can assist you with filing, protecting and licensing your marks.


The issue of copyright ownership arises quite often in the business world. At Formeller & Formeller LLP, we can assist you in protecting what’s yours. Our firm can also assist you in the licensing or transfer of your copyrighted material.

Trade Secrets

Today, in the information age, trade secrets no longer reside primarily in tangible documents locked in file cabinets. As a result, protecting your formulas, patterns, methods or compilations of information is that much more important. We can assist with trade secret audits and litigation.

Formeller & Formeller LLP can assist you in creating, protecting and transferring intellectual property material.  Contact us today.