Business Formation

Forming and running a business is no easy task. Before formation, there are several business and operational-related considerations to be made that have both legal and tax consequences down the road. Formeller & Formeller LLP can help.

Formeller & Formeller LLP can provide assistance with:

Forming the Proper Entity

When forming a business, there are several types of entities to choose from and the decision shouldn’t be taken lightly or left to an automated formation service. Forming as an entity that is inappropriate or improper in your industry can have lasting consequences. Our attorneys are experienced in entity formation. With our assistance, you can feel secure that you are forming the right kind of entity for your business or venture.

Filing the Necessary Documents

In order to properly form an entity, there are numerous documents to file with the State, agencies and regulatory departments. Our attorneys can assist you with entity filings so that you can focus on starting up your business.

Draft the Proper Organizational Documents

You didn’t get where you are by chance. A compelling vision, hard work, and a great team have positioned your company for success. Possessing the proper organization documents provides you with an important layer of protection for the duration of your business. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting organization documents such as shareholders’ agreements, founders’ agreements and operating agreements.

By failing to consider the points above, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot conduct business in the state. However, proper planning will help to save you money down the road as well as avoid unnecessary liability. Contact us today.